About Basement Technologies Boston

Basement Technologies Boston

Basement Technologies Boston

When James Pratt founded 1 800busy dog Basement Technologies in the Boston suburb of Needham, he had many years of experience in building trades and contracting. After earning his degree in offshore marine and petroleum technology and applied technology,by working in the building trades , he was unable to find offshore petroleum-related work, and turned to construction as a reliable source of employment. He spent many years travelling from town to town in New Jersey and Delaware, developing significant construction related skills,specifically in carpentry, as well as roof rafter work. He moved to Massachusetts in the mid-1980s, and by the 1990s, he owned four related construction companies. Deciding that he was spread too thin, he devoted all of his attention to the basement waterproofing business, and paid exclusive attention to Basement Technologies. He developed the idea of the company as an international network of basement waterproofing contractors, with a local operation serving the Boston area.

Pratt put his research, analytical, and problem-solving skills to work developing and patenting products for use in waterproofing basements on the exterior and interior, sump pumps with emergency backups for continued operation during storm-caused power outages, and dehumidifier and air filtration products – everything to waterproof a basement, keep it dry, and prevent mold. These products form the basis of Basement Technologies’ international dealer network, as well as Boston Basement Technologies. In addition, dealers in the international network now have the opportunity to become franchise owners, to repeat for themselves the success Pratt experienced with his local operation.


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